There Is No New Normal...

To be successful in this ever-changing business environment, MSPs must be flexible and prepared to juggle a multitude of options heading into 2021. Over-reliance on previous trends and outdated structures may become more of a liability than a safe haven in the years ahead. 

Join Axcient's CEO David Bennett and SVP of Products Ben Nowacky as they discusses his key takeaways from CompTIA's 2021 Industry Outlook and offer tips on business resilience and insights on actions you should consider incorporating today to make your business more flexible and prepared for the rapid change of tomorrow. 

This webinar will cover:
    • How to build an architecture and workflow that can adapt to future changes.
    • Methods to embrace the Cloud transition as a foundational part of SMB IT rebuild efforts.
    • Merging Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery as organizational table stakes. 
    • How to prepare and navigate potential downstream tech regulation.


David Bennett Headshot-1

David Bennett
Chief Executive Officer // Axcient



Ben Nowacky
Senior Vice President of Product // Axcient


Thursday, December 10th

12pm MST | 1pm EDT