Microsoft 365 has now exceeded 258 million monthly active users.

This is per Microsoft’s CEO on their April 29th earnings call. Insiders say that number is now more than 300 million. This number is up from 200 million at the end of 2019 – that’s in no small part because of MSPs like you.

Two interesting items for MSPs:

  • COVID-19 has accelerated Microsoft 365 growth, and
  • Less than 10% of Microsoft 365 users are backed up

Even though Microsoft does not guarantee against data loss in their services agreement. Educated clients are now adding Microsoft 365 backup for the following reasons:

  • Security (42%)
  • Compliance (31%)
  • Microsoft responsiveness (14%)
  • Human error (13%)

As an MSP, you're always going to be faster than Microsoft at restoring client data. For MSPs who add backup, Microsoft 365 margin increases from 5% to 25%.

In 30 minutes or less, join us as we explore how our Axcient's x360Cloud solution provides:
    • The ability to quickly launch GUI-based, full-text searches with rich filtering on files, users and accounts without scripting
    • Instantaneous single-click restore
    • Streamlined operations with automated backup to redundant storage protected with multi-layer military-grade encryption


Cory Hintz


Cory Hintz
Sales Engineer // Axcient


Thursday, October 15th

12pm CDT | 1pm EDT