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Prepare Your MSP for the Future


We are in uncertain times.


Economic headwinds like recession and wage inflation are top of mind. And, protecting your clients’ data is more challenging than ever, given increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks and dispersed workforces.   


MSP Xperience is a half-day event designed to help you navigate through uncertainty by connecting MSPs with the Axcient community, like-minded peers, and channel leaders. We’re highlighting successful strategies to accelerate business agility for MSP growth and profitability. Delve into best practices for rapid and reliable recovery using Axcient x360Recover Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solutions, real-time demos, and roadmap insights that will help inform your future plans.


Join a community that knows it is possible to thrive and not just survive – no matter what comes next.

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Prepare for new security challenges

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Maximize tech stack efficiency and profitability

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Get actionable insights from fellow MSPs

What 2021 MSP Xperience Attendees Say


"Axcient gives us the ability to ensure continuity for our clients. There have been many times where Axcient has quite literally saved the bacon of these businesses and you wonder if they would still be in business today if we didn’t have Axcient."

Mark Jamieson, 2W Technologies

Meet Our Speakers

Robert Cioffi

COO, Progressive Computing

Roddy Bergeron

CISO, Enterprise Data Concepts

Justin Lightfoot

Director of Technology, STL Business and Technology Solutions

Benjamin Jones

Director of Cyber Security and Compliance, Central Technology Solutions

Larry Walsh

CEO, Chief Analyst & Founder, Channelnomics

Justin Weller

Director of Business Development, Blackpoint Cyber

Jimmy Hatzell

VP of Revenue, Quickpass

Eric Torres

VP of Channel, ScalePad

Kevin Hoffman

Founder/CTO, Axcient

Rod Mathews

President/Chief Executive Officer, Axcient

Charlie Tomeo

CRO, Axcient

Adam Preeo

VP of Product, Axcient

Tim Sheahen

VP of Sales, Axcient

Cory Hintz

Sales Engineering Manager, Axcient

Marcus Williams

Sr. Sales Engineer, Axcient

Kaitlyn Langer

Sr. Marketing Manager, Axcient

Leif Fortson

Sr. Product Manager, Axcient

Jeff Crystal

Product Manager, Axcient

... and more!

2022 Agenda (EST Time Zone)

12:00 - 12:10 PM

Welcome from Axcient CEO

Rod Mathews, CEO, Axcient

12:10 - 12:40 PM

Keynote - Rising from the Ashes: How 1 MSP Managed a Mass Scale Ransomware Attack

On July 2, 2021, Progressive Computing Inc, an MSP based in Yonkers NY, fell victim to an attack on their Kaseya VSA RMM tool. The hackers installed Revil Sodinokibi ransomware not only on all their internal systems but 99% of every endpoint they managed. 2,500 endpoints across 80 clients with 200 physical sites in 4 times zones were simultaneously affected. Many MSPs consider this to be the Nightmare or Doomsday Scenario... and for good reason: because it is. Such an event has the potential to destroy decades of relationships, end a business, and alter lives. It can also leave a path of destruction for all your clients, their businesses, and their people.


Come listen to Robert Cioffi, COO & Co-Founder of Progressive Computing, unfold the emotional and psychology tale of how they came to grips with their nightmare, stared into the abyss, and mustered the strength, courage, and resources to win the fight. He will share the logistical obstacles they faced and how they managed recovery efforts in unexpected ways. He will reveal all the lessons they learned so the audience can better prepare themselves. He will guide you along the path they took and are still experiencing almost 1 year later. Robert will also share his private story and expose how this incident affected him personally.


Robert Cioffi, COO, Progressive Computing

12:40 PM - 1:15 PM

Panel Discussion: Maximizing Technology Investments in Economic Times of Uncertainty

It’s an uncertain business climate for MSPs.  There are economic headwinds that may slow client demand, and a confusing vendor landscape with constant mergers and acquisitions that complicate technology investment choices.  Our sponsor panelists will share tips and tricks for maximizing your strategic technology investments to benefit in times of uncertainty.


Charlie Tomeo, CRO, Axcient



Justin Weller, Director of Sales, Blackpoint Cyber
Jimmy Hatzell, VP of Revenue, Quickpass
Eric Torres, VP of Channel, Scalepad

1:15 - 1:25 PM


1:25 - 2:00 PM

Why x360Recover: Time and Labor-Saving Critical Capabilities Delivering Dependability

Want to learn more about x360Recover? This session is for you! Axcient's team will review what makes x360Recover different from other BCDR solutions, the benefits of it's flexible nature (for both you and your clients!) and then dive into a demo highlighting important features that can save you time and money such as Virtual Office, AutoVerify and AirGap.



Tim Sheahen, VP Sales, Axcient

Marcus Williams, Sr Sales Engineer, Axcient

x360Recover: Recovery Best Practices You Need to Know

Join Axcient's product team to review recovery best practices for x360Recover. You will learn the best scenarios to leverage bare metal restore, runbooks, local cache and more while learning tips and tricks to make the process quicker and more efficient. This session is designed for current x360Recover partners to continue their education. 



Adam Preeo, VP Product, Axcient

Leif Fortson, Sr Product Manager, Axcient

Jeff Crystal, Sr Product Manager, Axcient

Cory Hintz, Manager Sales Engineers, Axcient

2:00 - 2:30 PM

How BCDR Consolidation Can Help MSPs Fight Off Recession Impact and Grow


Larry Walsh, CEO/Chief Analyst/Founder, Channelnomics

2:30 - 3:10 PM

MSP Panel Discussion: BCDR As Your Last Line of Defense: Preparing for Security Challenges

What are the most pressing security challenges facing MSPs, and how are they leveraging BCDR as the last line of defense to protect their clients and their own businesses?  How do they build profitable security business when the attack vectors are constantly changing, and MSPs are increasingly a target for the most sophisticated cyber criminals?  Learn what’s really working from your MSP peers.

Kevin Hoffman, Founder/CTO, Axcient



Roddy Bergeron, CISO, Enterprise Data Concepts

Justin Lightfoot, Director of Technology, STL Business and Technology Solutions

Benjamin Jones, Director of Cyber Security and Compliance, Central Technology Solutions

3:10 - 3:20 PM

First Annual Axcient Partner Awards

Join us as we announce the winners of the first Axcient partner awards!


Presented By:

Kaitlyn Langer, Sr Marketing Manager, Axcient

Charlie Tomeo, CRO, Axcient

3:20 - 3:30 PM

Grand Prize Giveaway and Wrap Up

Join us as we announce the winner of Axcient's $2,000 Cash Giveaway and recap this year's MSP Xperience!

First Ever Axcient Partner Awards

We’ll be announcing this year’s winners for Partner of the Year, Community Champion, and Partner Xceleration – and we need YOUR help to name the partner with the Best Results of Axcient Solutions. 

After registering for the event, you will receive instructions to cast your vote and be entered to win a $150 Amazon gift card.


What MSPs Are Saying About Axcient...


“It’s nice to have everything under one umbrella. One, the pricing is good. Two, I have direct data that our ticketing for failed backups and issues has dropped. I’m spending a quarter of the time now that I was before on trouble tickets and stuff like that regarding backups.”

- Ryan Keele, CIO at Midwest Computech


“Not only did Axcient’s backup and disaster recover technology work flawlessly for us, but the support staff that helped us get through that process was just amazing. …They were very compassionate about our situation.”

– Robert Cioffi, COO and Co-Founder at Progressive Computing


“100% of our clients are on Axcient. We don’t have another backup solution and it was the smartest thing I’ve ever done. My labor costs are down significantly, my team has been able to gain a depth of knowledge because it’s just one vendor, and the products continue to get better.”

– Phillip Long, CEO at Business Information Solutions


“Since we started standardizing on Axcient, we started seeing profitability. We’ve been able to grow exponentially and now we’re at a level we never thought possible. The more we simplify, the more profitable we get – the more leverage we get with Axcient as a partner. We’re able to develop our relationship with Axcient and rely on you guys to help us grow.”

– Neil Hawkins, Partner and COO at LANAIR Group, LLC